Who are we

The Rose Eatery: Creative Catering with Fresh Ingredients.

The Rose Eatery is a high-end and fine dining catering service company that specializes in creative recipes that integrate a variety contemporary and local dishes from around the globe. We only use the finest and fresh ingredients in our preparation of food, to meet customer satisfaction

As an added service we also offer tasting services that allow our customers to taste their chosen menu before the day of the event. That way any necessary changes or amendments can be made before the special day!

A Flavorful Legacy Since 2021

Our Journey


The Rose Eatery was founded in 2021 with a focus on delivering professional yet affordable catering services. Our purpose and mission is to provide our clients and quality and affordable services, delivered with professionalism and poise.

Our vision is to successfully and consistently provide extraordinary culinary experience with a touch of class!

Our Team

Head Management
Rosalyne Chigoga
Head Chef
Coaster Lenga
Team Supervisor & Co-Chef
Elizabeth Mora
Head Server
Beatrice Chanangwa
Head Waiter
Grace Munthali